If you are a fan of the TV show "Knight Rider" and the talking car KITT, you will find this app guaranteed to be a suitable app. This app is designed to reflect the behavior of the KITT car with some cool features.

Through this app you can talk with KITT face to face, teach him things and get many other special features such as Face recognition, the latest news, and Knowledge.

Our Real KITT app collection contains the following 5 apps.

Real KITT Prime Real KITT Lite Real KITT Ultimate Real KITT Conversation Real KITT Car
Mobile factory

Mobile Factory - Simulation

"Mobile Factory" is a factory simulation game where you can build different machines and produce different kinds of items, which can evolve further and discover new technologies.

An astronaut named "Tim" from an alien planet arrives on a ship called B2 to planet Z-66 with the hope of finding new life and technology. The theme of this game is that he discovers new technologies using the various elements on that planet. You do these things in partnership with Tim and it's your job to solve the challenges that come through the game.

Mobile factory Mobile factory

Omi online - card game

This game is an online game that develops to play the most famous playing card game in Sri Lanka.

4 players can join into the same room and they will able to play omi real-time. still, this game is under development. if there any suggestions about the game you can put a message on airv apps Facebook page

Omi online

Canyon defense mobile

A group of rivals lives in the valley. Their attempt is to capture Charlie base. Your mission is to protect the camp from them. They come to attack through the canyon. Your task is to destroy them before they enter the camp. You will be given special weapons and ammunition. Use those weapons and equipment to suppress the enemy.

There are several major wars to be fought against them. As the wars continue, the enemy continues to gain strength. So you too have to improve militarily.

Canyon defense mobile

It's mines - Clear the mines

There are some lands of various sizes that contain landmines beneath them and the main task that you have to do is to identify the squares with landmines and the squares that do not exist and clear them. You can use a mathematical concept as follows.

First, you will see several highlighted squares on the plain without mines depending on the length and width(4x4, 5x5, ...) of the plain (4, 5, ...). You can start the game by choosing one of those squares. When a square is selected, a number between 0 and 8 is displayed in that square. That number indicates the total number of mines in the 8 squares around the selected square.

It's mines

Saki kids app - Sinhala

Saki (Friend) App is made by the Airv Apps software company to make your child's educational activities easier. There are some points that matter to the app. Read all the facts.

There are five main features in the app. *Learning how to write letters (Sinhala, English, Numbers)
Picture related activities
Learning to play songs
Poems and songs for little ones
Textbooks and stories to read
Saki kids app